Comprehensive Eye Examination

A complete eye examination will include a thorough history of current and previous health problems. A list of all medications used is compiled. Allergies and previous intolerances are noted. Prior eye injuries, laser surgery, and recent eye symptoms are investigated as well. A thorough examination, including refraction or measurement for eye glasses, visual field testing, ocular motility, pupillary reaction, slit lamp biomicroscopy of the front of the eye, eye pressure check or tonometry (for glaucoma), and a dilated examination of the retina using indirect ophthalmoscopy, is performed. Special testing may be required.

Optical Services
Our office has a fully equipped optical department, including a full line of specialty glasses including Armani, Versace, Ferre, Marchon, Calvin Klein, Brooks Brothers, and many other name brands found in retail stores and other optical offices. We are able to make some glasses on the premises, including some rimless styles. Services such as tinting can also be done on location. Orders must be sent out to labs for lenses and are usually available in 1 to 2 weeks. Contact lenses can be ordered through the office and sent directly to your home.

Special Testing
Our office has equipment to perform the most current visual field testing for glaucoma and other problems. Both the Humphrey machine and the frequency doubling perimeter are available.
• A camera is available for retinal photography.
• Optic nerve analysis using the OCT or the HRT is available as well.
• Certain retinal disorders, such as swelling or edema of the macula, can be checked using the OCT.
• The cornea thickness can be measured using ultrasound.
• An Argon laser is available in the office for treatment of various retina disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, and bleeding in the retina.
• Gonioscopy, or evaluation of the angle of the eye in glaucoma patients, can be performed.
• Automated refraction is available to test for glasses.
• Portable tonometry to check eye pressure for wheelchair or bedridden patients is available.

In some cases, subspecialty consultation may be required. We refer patients with difficult problems to terrific local cornea, retina, motility (for eye movement disorders), and orbit or eye plastic surgeons. We work in conjunction with these doctors to facilitate your referral and assist in your diagnosis and treatment. Our office is located at the Davies Campus of the California Pacific Medical Center and has all of the hospital support services such as the laboratory and CT or MRI scan in close proximity. Low-vision services can be obtained for certain patients with severe vision loss.